Speculating on the Cape

Cape league.


At the beginning of July I moved to the town of Harwich which is on cape cod – vacationland New England. In this next chapter of moving to Massachusetts I am really going to be hitting the job search hard. I’m trying to define what kind of filmmaker I want to be and where I want to be within the industry. Thus far I have had full control over every part of the process of nearly every major project I have given my time to. I know that working professionally might mean narrowing my focus to a single dimension of production – specialization.   

I think in the short term I am going to pursue a position where I can work directly with clients from beginning to end. So far it seems like the first and most valuable part of the process is access. Gaining to people, spaces and events through conversations and friendship is starting to seem like the most valuable skill to hone. Of course I don’t meant to undermine any authenticity in these prospective friendships – without authentic relationships to stand on nothing can really be accomplished with any real fervor or passion.

After arriving in Harwich I began making some speculative videos for the Orleans Firebirds, a baseball team that plays in the prestigious Cape League. I made little post-game documentaries and am working on a couple player features. I want to continue this theme of taking the initiative with my work into the Metropolis of Boston – where there are so many opportunities that they can be overwhelming. 

Who knew baseball would make a reappearance in my life this way? My last encounter was in 2nd grade when I resigned from little league after creating a “Ball Catching Machine” in the dirt of right field. But here we are! And I couldn’t be more impressed with the work ethic of the Firebirds Media team. These fellows are true students of the game and amicable people who have welcomed me into a summer of baseball coverage. I'm very thankful for that :)