Desolation Wilderness - Hacienda Retreat 3.0

The final weeks of college for me are always marked by backpacking adventures into desolation. This trip was particularly significant for me because of the fact that it might be my last time in the Sierras for years. That thought is a lot to reconcile - so many memories and friendships have been forged in the wilderness. Arjun came up too and it was such a joy to introduce my best friend from back home to my web of friends in college. We were talking around the fire about how going out to the wilderness lets us really get away from people.. but I objected in the thought that out in the wilderness we were dealing with people more than ever. Sean chimed in that in the back country we just interact with people in a much more human way. There were times on this trip that each of us really needed each other - and we were there for one another.

Here's to the hacienda - the friends I made in college who I won't ever forget.