The "what am I doing"s, PA work, Interning, driving a cab,

It’s true – I have been silent on the blog for months now – but I am resolutely typing with intent to post tonight for my correspondence with this page is long overdue!

In August I moved to the Boston area – I am living with my sweet and generous Aunt and Uncle and their two dogs in Natick Massachusetts. It’s a medium-large sized town about 30 minutes outside of Boston proper (without traffic, which is near constant). Coming from living alone on the cape – I cannot overstate how grateful I am to be around family again. Every day I drive to the Riverside subway train station and commute into the city with intentions to broaden my world here. So far the world-broadening process is going pretty! – I would estimate that my Boston reality has widened from 100mm a 35mm at least, but hopefully approaching some kind of off-brand pancake lens soon. Not go-pro though, never go pro.

– The months since school permanently ending my green vessel has encountered some of the stormiest seas I have ever splish-splashed in. The “what-am-I-even-doing”s have subsided to a near bi-weekly basis, an inspiring improvement from the hourly spot they once held on my daily programming. The answer is repetitively clear – I’m doing what I said I would at the beginning of this day or this week or this month; surviving and trying my best to help people out.

If I were to start an viral movement based off my last few months I think it would be a picture of myself eating Wendy’s with the following caption:

 #OddJobsGalore #SetLife #BrokenFromEmotioniallyRivettingPodcastsAtWork #IDriveTrucksNow #FumbledElevatorPitch #AspiringDP #ProfessionalPizzaPhotographer #PPP #SubjectingUberPassengersToPopPunk #FIDLAR? #B)

The defining experiences of the last bit have been mostly through being a PA. PA stands for Production Assistant – basically the monkey at the bottom of the totem pole on and around any set doing whatever needs to be done to make sure the production ends up going to plan. It’s a lot of loading and unloading, quite a bit of driving to the story to buy a screw with specific dimensions or some cleaning supplies. Lets see.. I have been lost in at least 3 super-malls while returning tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of costume clothing for the wardrobe department. Oh and truck-driving, a lot of truck driving.

You haven’t known purpose until you have driven a cube truck – I swear its not as difficult as it looks! Truck driver the most noble of PA jobs, so little time spent idling – wondering what your true purpose is. There’s no time for that when you are being citizen’s arrested by an angry Bostonian that you cut off in traffic while the production manager was blowing you up with ‘WHATS YOUR ETA’ texts. In those moments of traffic-derived passion, the purpose becomes all the more clear as a godly voice reminds you that “you drive this cube truck so that JET Blue will have all of the fake leaves they need for their yard work commercial”. Reassured, you thank Set-God and calmly proceed to cut off the angry driver once more. You are in a cube truck and that means all your traffic wishes will come true…because they must come true.

I digress – but being a PA has really shown me what sets are generally like – I say generally because no set is like another and that is exactly what I love about working in production. The lifestyle is erratic and the revolving door of familiar coworkers creates exciting new group dynamics.


I also fill my weeks with interning 2 days a week at Engine Room Edit – the post production company that introduced me to the Boston film scene in the first place. I love being around these people.

Tired now but going to post soon about my experiences as a Taxi Driver!